About Us

Is your head spinning?

Does the world of computer technology have your head spinning?

Do you find yourself asking, “Where do I start?”

Finally – Help is on the way! 


CoachTech Services is ready to provide you with the technology coaching, training and services you need to grow your small business. From Computer Basics and Security to Developing your Technology Strategy, CoachTech Services is here to help small business owners just like you navigate the sometimes murky waters of computer technology and the Internet.

Our mission at CoachTech Services is to take the terror out of technology. Your business or ministry is far too important to be held hostage by the confusion and fear that surrounds technology today. In this age of Social Media Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-Newsletters, Websites and Blogs, it’s hard to know what you need and when you need it.

CoachTech Services exists to help make technology something that serves you, instead of you serving it. Our goal is to help you take control of your technology needs, decisions and investments, letting your business drive the technology you use to support it.

Contact CoachTech Services to find out more about how we can help you build your business using the latest technology and online tools available today!

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