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 Computer Coaching

When it comes to technology - have you ever found yourself saying ...

I know what I need to do, I just have no clue how!

I wish I had someone to walk me through all this technology stuff!

I thought a technical consultant would help me, but it seemed like she spoke a different language!



Or perhaps you've been asking yourself these questions ...

     ~ WHAT do I need to do first?      ~ HOW do I do it?     ~ WHO should be doing it?

That is exactly what CoachTech Services Computer Coaching is all about. We will help you navigate the sometimes rough waters of the technology world. CoachTech Services will partner with you in any or all of the following areas and more...

    • Technology Evaluation and Planning

      • What do I really need for a successful 21st Century business?
      • How do I create a technology plan to help build my business?
      • What should I do myself and what should I hire someone else to do?
    • Technical Marketing Planning

      • What kind of online presence does my business really need?
      • Is it critical that I have a business presence on all the Social Media sites?
      • Should I start with Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest?
      • Do I need to do an email newsletter? How often? What do I use?
      • How will I manage all of this?
    • Online Business Identity Development

      • What do I want my business to "look like" online?
      • How do I keep a consistent look and feel in all my electronic marketing?
      • How can my company image be professional but still reflect me in everything I do including my website, Facebook and LinkedIn Pages, Email Newsletters, and more?

If these sound like your questions but you have yet to find answers - CoachTech Services is here to help.

Your computer coach, Mary Sorrentino is a Certified Professional Life Coach who speaks your language! Her many years in the Information Technology field give her the technical savvy to navigate the computer world, while her life coaching training and experience bring a level of listening and communication not often found in the computer services field.

Coaching is designed for you - you set the goals and determine what success looks like for you.

Our coaching services are offered in 30 minute 'as-needed' sessions, by the hour,  by the month, or by contract for specific project outcomes.

Contact CoachTech Services today for more information or to schedule your FREE One Hour Introductory Computer Coaching Sesion.


Computer Coaching Options

Just-in-Time Coaching

  • 30 Minute Sessions
  • By Appointment as Needed

Just-in-Time Coaching Fee:

$60/per 30 Minute Session

Coaching by the Hour

  • One Hour Sessions
  • By Appointment
  • Scheduled in Advance

Hourly Coaching Fee:

$100/per 1 Hour Session

Coaching Packages

  • 2 Months (6-1 hour sessions)
  • 3 Months (9-1 hour sessions)
  • 6 Months (18-1 hour sessions)

Coaching Package Fees:

$250/Month - 2 Mo. Pkg

$225/Month - 3 Mo. Pkg

$200/Month - 6 Mo. Pkg