Computer Coaching, Training and Technical Services

for Coaches, Writers, Counselors and Other Entrepreneurs


CoachTech Services provides personalized coaching to walk you through the critical technology decisions for your business. Let us help you…

  • Develop Your Business Technology Plan
  • Plan and Design Your Website
  • Determine What to Do Yourself and What Will Require a Professional
  • Answer Your Technology Questions All Along the Way
  • And More…

About Computer Coaching


CoachTech Services offers individual or group training in the technologies essential to the success of your business…

  • WordPress Websites and Blogs
  • Facebook ~ LinkedIn ~ Twitter
  • Email Marketing Newsletters
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • Computer Basics and Security
  • And More…

About Computer Training


If doing your own technical work is not the best use of your time,  CoachTech Services can provide the all important basics that every small business owner needs to reach your potential clients.  Let us…

  • Manage Your Social Media Presence
  • Design Your Facebook Business Page
  • Create Your LinkedIn or Google+ Business Pages
  • Design and Manage Your Email Newsletters
  • Develop and Administer Your Email Event Registrations
  • And More…

About Technical Services


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